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making one last offer for jill valentines day not gonna post here again ever don't care what happens at all its up to you but come out so we can talk, fix it, heal, ill explain everything, daytime.... etc, all ur questions, itll be worth it I promise if you don't show then u deserve complete shit because guess what U PICKED IT and really u don't deserve a minute of my time considering what u did and you'd jump at any chance to fuck me over again most likely plus ur such a coward u did it over facebook bullshit that's fuckin sad shows what ur brains worth call u an idiot then u prove it no one else I know even wants you in my life at all because they can see what I have to offer everyone but im giving u one last chance take it or leave it it would suck to waste a good story u almost lost me again talking ur shit to the wrong person not that it matters just dunno why u cant msg me n wanna talk to strangers about us
indifferent because I cant trust u at all but something crazy happened if u care im trying to figure it out
compelled to forgive u but I tried making other accounts, wasn't working out sick of this shit tho , if u wanted to talk u'd unblock me all u do is sit on ur phone and talk shit over typos cuz you're a lil bitch haha
I don't remember a single minute of fun around you since fuckin high school and whatever that shit was worth nothing to you obviously all i remember was trying deal with how much pain i was in trying to text you and talk to you like a normal fuckin human being to YOU and being interrupted and blocked whenever i tried and now theres no fucking point even doing that u stupid whore put a round through ur head and rot i should have done that a loooooong fucking time ago nobody in the real world fuckin cares ive always known this its always been the fucking truth straight up eat shit fuck god too what the fuck was that worth fuck all bunch of bullshit and lies and pain working for nothing
tbh I guess ill take the easy way out and lose my friends through gossip about nothing from ppl none of us know or care about and ur fucking utter social retardation online rather than them all knowing I did something fucked up that I cant live with and they'll hate me anyway not that I can live with your shitty fuckin two cent family existing around me on earth at all or ur fucking choices im going to hell no matter what I do either way obviously because of you I don't find you fucking attractive at all anymore i hate you okay why would I ever wanna blow you I don't love you you disgust me for real im not even joking okay I don't wanna work for you or pay for u to do absolutely nothing of worth or anything in life at all and have a problem with everything i do with mine cause you would u fucking useless shit ive learned literally nothing from you you ruined my fucking life and everything I said went towards you doing this because you think Im other people ur a fucking shallow mindless cunt at least kate bought me drinks eh hope ur fuckin shitty kid gets at least ONE fucking hastings trip out of u wow we went to the mall whoop de doo maybe ull learn something by having to pay for their shitty fucking life and watch them grow up to be pointless and posture around like they matter to everyone and waste ur fucking time and money because ur fucking worthless and u deserve it u fucking pig fuck you i hate you what the fuck? i should be able to do whatever the fuck i want with my life whenever i want because im a fucking adult not listen to some fucking dumb cunt think she knows everything nothing is fun to do anymore everything about this is fucking wrong what don't u get and i tried so fucking hard to get the fuck over it but i really cant fuck you go to hell FUCK YOU


7l-l3 4/\/7!V!/2l_l5


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DarkValkyrieofDeath Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
ill never understand what holds me back and what makes me so fucking unstable and flawed when everything could be perfect for us
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